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                                                Climb Elevated, Feel the Power of Stretch

This is the second edition of the book on stretching muscle chains to keep climber’s in shape.

What are muscle chains or lines of force? 


Muscle chains are the strongest connectors between fascias and muscle groups. 


When tractions are performed from the end of these connectors we reach ultra-effective stretches.


Description of techniques that are excellent for any level of climbing, from beginners to professionals. 

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Book Contents


Who will benefit from this book?


Stretching for climbing was written for those passionate about the vertical world. For those whose goal is to continue increasing their performance while reducing injuries. For young people interested in increasing their climbing level by reducing the impact of training loads. For trainers searching for new, efficient, and varied stretches to include in their sessions. And for mature climbers who want to keep enjoying climbing for years to come.

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Ramon Valls Roget is a Physical Education (PE) teacher, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport and he is also an Osteopath. Author of the first international book of stretching for climbing focused on lines of force. With 20 years of experience in physical activity and health, he currently offers instruction, preparation resources, and adapted training through his webspace:

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