Training  Course Stretching for Climbing at Southern Utah University. SUU. Cedar City.  December. 2023. 

Stretching for Climbing.  Course at the University of Castilla la Mancha. Toledo. Spain. 2018. 

For the students of Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport. 

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Clinic Stretching for Climbing at the Ibiza Vertical Climbing Wall. Balearic Islands. 2019.

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Presentation of Stretching for Climbing at the Foundation Center of the Savings Bank of La Inmaculada. Teruel. Spain. 2017. 

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Training Presentation of Stretching for Climbing in the Gym Ludus Mallorca.  Balearic Islands. 2017. 

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 Stretching for Climbing. Free sessions after climbing. Smith Rocks. May.  2023.

Clinic Stretching for Climbing & Free Consulting Injuries. Festival International Climbers Festival. Lander. July. 2023. 

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